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Daily Archives: February 25, 2020

The 10 most overpaid CEOs in the US

Fast Company – “The median employee at Align Technologies, the company that makes Invisalign, makes $13,180 a year. The CEO makes $41,758,338. That’s a pay ratio of 3,168:1. And if you look at how the company performed over the long term, he was only worth about about $14 million dollars, meaning he was overpaid by some $27 million. That’s according to a new report that compares CEO pay to a company’s total shareholder return, a metric that tracks performance over five years. In the report, “The 100 Most Overpaid CEOs,” the nonprofit As You Sow lists the most egregious examples. The CEO compensation and average employee compensation come from data that corporations now have to disclose to the SEC and are based on data from the most recent fiscal year. The “overpayment” calculation is based on a statistical regression model from the investment services company HIP Investor that looks at what CEOs should have made based on longer-term company performance. Here are the top 10, by the percent they were overpaid…”

Chief FOIA Officers Council’s Technology Committee Releases Best Practices and Recommendations

National Archives FOIA Ombudsman: “Looking for ways to bolster the use of technology within the FOIA process? Check out a report from the Technology Committee (Committee) of the Chief FOIA Officers Council (Council) to the Council Co-Chairs that discusses FOIA Information Technology (IT) best practices and recommendations. In response to a recommendation by  the 2016-2018… Continue Reading

How Google Is Stopping Malicious Office Docs From Targeting Gmail Users

PC Magazine: “At the RSA security conference today, Google offered a rare look into the kinds of malicious attachments hackers will send to Gmail users. It turns out Microsoft Office documents secretly rigged to download malware are in vogue. In recent weeks, about 56 percent of the malicious attachments detected and blocked by Gmail’s filters… Continue Reading

Smithsonian Releases 2.8 Million Images Into Public Domain

Smithsonian Magazine – “Culture connoisseurs, rejoice: The Smithsonian Institution is inviting the world to engage with its vast repository of resources like never before. For the first time in its 174-year history, the Smithsonian has released 2.8 million high-resolution two- and three-dimensional images from across its collections onto an open access online platform for patrons… Continue Reading

Coronavirus Live Updates: Disruptions, Rising Cases, Market Tremors,Warnings

The New York Times Coronavirus Live Updates: “For the U.S., it’s not if but when, federal officials say. Americans should brace for the likelihood that the coronavirus will spread to communities in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned Tuesday. “It’s not so much of a question of if this will… Continue Reading