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Daily Archives: February 6, 2020

Almost half of Americans have stopped talking politics with someone

“At a time when the country’s polarizing politics and public discourse are dividing many Americans, close to half of all U.S. adults acknowledge that they have stopped discussing political and election news with someone, according to a new analysis of data from Pew Research Center’s Election News Pathways project. In total, 45% of the nation’s adults say they have stopped talking about political and election news with someone as a result of something they said, either in person or online. A slim majority of American adults (54%) say they have not cut off political conversation with someone because of something they said. The findings are based on a survey of 12,043 U.S. adults who are members of the Center’s American Trends Panel conducted from Oct. 29 to Nov. 11, 2019. In examining which types of people are more or less likely to stop talking to someone about political news, four characteristics stand out: party and ideology, race and ethnicity, the medium relied on most for political news, and engagement with political news. Six-in-ten liberal Democrats (60%) say they have stopped talking politics with someone because of something they said. That number is substantially larger than the segment next likeliest to drop the subject with someone – conservative Republicans, at 45%. In another area of difference, half of white Americans have stopped talking politics with someone, compared with roughly one-third of black and Hispanic adults. And those who say they rely most on local TV for their political and election news are far less likely to have stopped talking with someone about politics than any other group, such as those who mostly get this news through news websites or cable TV…”

A librarian shares the secrets of book-culling

Spinoff: “It’s no surprise then that weeding announcements evoke a flurry of sad and angry face reacts. In response to the disposal of books and newspapers by his local public library, novelist Nicholson Baker became so riled up that he wrote the book Double Fold: Libraries and the Assault on Paper. Weeding projects can encourage… Continue Reading

Will the White House Order New Federal Architecture To Be Classical?

Architectural Record – “While the country was riveted by the President’s impeachment trial, a Washington rumor was quietly bubbling about a potential executive order that, if implemented, would profoundly affect the future of federal architecture. RECORD has obtained what appears to be a preliminary draft of the order, under which the White House would require rewriting… Continue Reading

The Philadelphia Suburbs Where Many Don’t Drink the Water – About 80,000 people in three townships outside Philadelphia live in an area where the groundwater has been contaminated by chemicals used for decades in firefighting foam at two nearby decommissioned military bases. The Defense Department has cited 401 bases in the U.S. with a known or suspected release of the firefighting foam containing chemicals… Continue Reading

Imagination becomes reality in the winners of the 2019 Wiki Loves Earth photo contest

“The child of a monkey holds on to its mother tightly. A lone straw bale stands in a field prior to being collected. A few rays of sunlight filter into a dark, foreboding cave filled with clear blue water. These are a mere three of the imagination-fueling winners from the international Wiki Loves Earth photography… Continue Reading

Cambridge Univ – A Global AI in Financial Services Survey

Transforming Paradigms – A Global AI in Financial Services Survey: “This report presents the findings of a global survey on AI in Financial Services jointly conducted by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School and the World Economic Forum in Q2-Q3 2019. Representing one of the largest… Continue Reading

Researcher says Backdoor mechanism still active in many IoT products

ZDNet: “Russian security researcher Vladislav Yarmak has published today details about a backdoor mechanism he discovered in Xiongmai firmware, used by millions of smart devices across the globe, such as security cameras, DVRs, NVRs, and others. A firmware fix is not currently available as Yarmak did not report the issue to the company, citing a… Continue Reading

Senate Intel Releases Bipartisan Report on Obama Admin Response to Russian Election Interference

“Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr (R-NC) and Vice Chairman Mark Warner (D-VA) today released the third volume in the Committee’s bipartisan investigation into Russian election interference, “U.S. Government Response to Russian Activities.” The report examines the Obama Administration’s reaction to initial reports of election interference and the steps officials took or did… Continue Reading