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Daily Archives: February 27, 2019

Using Google Maps costs more than you think.

Via LLRXUsing Google Maps costs more than you think. – Jason Voiovich’s article focuses on a subject of recent attention by Congress, privacy groups and journalists, both in the U.S. and abroad. Tech Giants distribute services and applications that are free, but nevertheless track and monitor your mobile activities – collecting, aggregating and monetizing information about many facets of your daily life. In this case, Voiovich discusses Google Maps with the understanding that his evaluation is applicable to many other services and companies – all of whom are providing you with their “services” at no “cost” until such time as you understand the price you are really paying to use them.

New on LLRX While Putting Your Boots On – Fake News Detection Tools & Strategies

Via LLRX – While Putting Your Boots On – Fake News Detection Tools & Strategies – Genevieve Zook’s article is an actionable pathfinder to identifying inaccurate and false content published and shared online in multiple formats, including: news, social media activity, videos, photos, speeches and government documents. Zook references reliable tools and resources authored by… Continue Reading

BillTrack50 is available for everyone to research state and federal legislation and legislators – free

“BillTrack50 is a free service for citizens to look up information about federal and state bills and legislators. Register for a free account to start searching right away. We also provide tools appropriate for professionals to help track bills, and to help organizations share important information on their own website. To see how the free… Continue Reading

Nancy Pelosi: The Rolling Stone Interview

RollingStone – article and video: “Pelosi is at the height of her power, having recaptured the House, dispatched an attempted coup of her leadership, and faced down the president in a very public, extremely high-stakes fight. Her approval rating has risen eight points since November, and now sits higher than it has been in more… Continue Reading

Are Robots Competing for Your Job?

The New Yorker – Are Robots Competing for Your Job? Probably, but don’t count yourself out. [For decades the internet heralded the demise of librarians – now it is AI perhaps – but we will still think – not!] “..The old robots were blue-collar workers, burly and clunky, the machines that rusted the Rust Belt.… Continue Reading

Exploring the causes and consequences of abusive supervision in work organizations

Abusive Supervision. Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior Vol. 4:123-152 (Volume publication date March 2017)  First published online as a Review in Advance on January 11, 2017 “The overarching purpose of this article is to review and synthesize the accumulated evidence that explores the causes and consequences of abusive supervision in work… Continue Reading

National Emergency Powers

CRS Reports via FAS: “There were no less than 30 “national emergencies” in effect as of February 1, according to a tabulation prepared by the Congressional Research Service. An additional 21 national emergencies that are no longer in effect were also identified by CRS. Under the National Emergencies Act, a declaration of national emergency can be used to activate… Continue Reading

This is a chart about the world through the eyes of the US – 1900 to present

Pudding – Russell Goldenberg: “There is always that one country on our collective conscious, and I wanted to know how that has changed over time. So I turned to the newspaper, since headlines have long been the catalyst for daily conversations about what is going on in the world. Most of that content is still… Continue Reading

U.S. not in top 60 nations for equality for working women

World Bank – Moving towards gender equality: A new index looks at legal reforms to help women’s economic inclusion. Do you think the world is becoming more equal for women at work? The recently published Women, Business and the Law 2019: A Decade of Reform gives us some insight. While achieving gender equality requires a… Continue Reading