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Daily Archives: February 21, 2019

Are Requirements to Deposit Data in Research Repositories Compatible With the GDPR?

Berkman Klein Center: “To reproduce study findings and facilitate new discoveries, many funding bodies, publishers, and professional communities are encouraging—and increasingly requiring—investigators to deposit their data, including individual-level health information, in research repositories. However, this requirement may conflict with the core privacy principles of European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which establishes legally binding rules for processing personal data in the EU, as well as outside the EU in some cases,’ according to a new article in Annals of Internal Medicine co-authored by BKC’s David O’Brien.

“Developing solutions that support data deposition while ensuring legal compliance is necessary for research. Adopting the right solutions will lead to greater transparency and accountability in data sharing, as well as a more efficient and equitable scientific practice.”

Read more at Annals of Internal Medicine

Sunscreen: How to Help Protect Your Skin from the Sun

“FDA regulates sunscreens to ensure they meet safety and effectiveness standards. To improve the quality, safety, and effectiveness of sunscreens, FDA issued a proposed rule on February 21, 2019 that describes updated proposed requirements for sunscreens. Given the recognized public health benefits of sunscreen use, Americans should continue to use sunscreen with other sun protective measures… Continue Reading

2018 Annual Report on People With Disabilities in America

“The Annual Disability Statistics Compendium, Annual Disability Statistics Supplement, and State Reports for County-level Data are web-based tools that pool disability statistics published by various federal agencies together in one place. When working on legislative and other matters relating to persons with disabilities, the Compendium, Supplement, and State Reports make finding and using disability statistics easier. The Annual Disability Statistics Supplement provides hundreds of… Continue Reading

The Stanford Open Policing Project

“Currently, a comprehensive, national repository detailing interactions between police and the public doesn’t exist. That’s why the Stanford Open Policing Project is collecting and standardizing data on vehicle and pedestrian stops from law enforcement departments across the country — and we’re making that information freely available. We’ve already gathered 130 million records from 31 state… Continue Reading

China has control of strategic metals and minerals in emerging 5G market

Wired: ‘You may have heard that China has cornered much of the world’s supply of strategic metals and minerals crucial for new technology, including lithium, rare earths, copper, and manganese used in everything from smartphones to electric cars. As of 2015, China was the leading global producer of 23 of the 41 elements the British… Continue Reading

Convergence of scientific reports and public opinion begins on climate warming

Axios: “Dire scientific reports and extreme weather events are combining to force a make-or-break season for confronting global warming. The rare convergence includes extreme weather events nationwide, and shifting public views fueling support for stronger policies. Why it matters: The actions we take in the next 10 to 20 years could be crucial to determining… Continue Reading

What’s the Weather Like on Mars? NASA has a site for that

Weather Report at Elysium Planitia – “This plot is being updated daily throughout the duration of the InSight mission. The plot shows the latest three sols (Martian days) of weather data at InSight’s landing site near the equator of Mars. Time runs along the bottom of the plot with the most recent data at the… Continue Reading