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How to track wildfires in California, Oregon, and across the U.S. with Esri’s new mapping tool

Fast Company: “Wildfires raging across the American West have grown worse in recent years, a phenomenon many scientists ascribe to climate change. In late July, California’s biggest blaze yet this year, the McKinney fire, ignited near the Oregon border and torched more than 55,000 acres of national forest in less than a weekend. Subsequent rainfall over patches of scorched earth has led to flooding and debris flow, which damaged local infrastructure and killed tens of thousands of fish in nearby rivers. The fire, meanwhile, is still burning. Now, as wildfire season heads into its peak—in late summer and early fall along the West Coast—web cartographers at Esri have created a new browser app, Wildfire Aware, which tracks wildfires across the country and reports on their impact to people, property, and the natural world…”

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