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The Rise of the Worker Productivity Score

The New York Times:”…Architects, academic administrators, doctors, nursing home workers and lawyers described growing electronic surveillance over every minute of their workday. They echoed complaints that employees in many lower-paid positions have voiced for years: that their jobs are relentless, that they don’t have control — and in some cases, that they don’t even have enough time to use the bathroom. In interviews and in hundreds of written submissions to The Times, white-collar workers described being tracked as “demoralizing,” “humiliating” and “toxic.” Micromanagement is becoming standard, they said. UnitedHealth Group Megan Polney Therapist. Ms. Polney’s keyboard activity was closely monitored when she worked for a division of UnitedHealth Group. She sometimes accrued “idle time” while discussing cases with colleagues, affecting her chances of getting bonuses and promotions. But the most urgent complaint, spanning industries and incomes, is that the working world’s new clocks are just wrong: inept at capturing offline activity, unreliable at assessing hard-to-quantify tasks and prone to undermining the work itself…”

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