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UK Guide on the use of Generative AI

UK Gov: Guide on the use of Generative AI – “Overview – Generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools offer many potential benefits to Government of Canada (GC) institutions. Federal institutions should explore potential uses of generative AI tools for supporting and improving their operations. However, because these tools are evolving, they should not be used in all cases. Federal institutions must be cautious and evaluate the risks before they start using them. The use of these tools should be restricted to instances where risks can be effectively managed. This document provides preliminary guidance to federal institutions on their use of generative AI tools. This includes instances where these tools are deployed by federal institutions. It provides an overview of generative AI, identifies challenges and concerns relating to its use, puts forward principles for using it responsibly, and offers policy considerations and best practices. This guide also seeks to raise awareness and foster coordination among federal institutions. It highlights the importance of engaging key stakeholders before deploying generative AI tools for public use and before using them for purposes such as service delivery. These stakeholders include legal counsel, privacy and security experts, and the Office of the Chief Information Officer at the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS). The guide complements and supports compliance with many existing federal laws and policies, including in areas of privacy, security, intellectual property, and human rights. The guide is intended to be evergreen as TBS recognizes the need for iteration to keep pace with regulatory and technological change.”

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