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Covid 19 Data Dispatch

Covid Dispatch: “Every Sunday, this publication explores the state of COVID-19 data in the U.S. Discover what major public health agencies are up to, which new resources are coming online, and what challenges data reporters are facing in tracking the pandemic. Plus, gain access to a growing body of COVID-19 data resources and connect with other communicators navigating this topic.

We aim to answer these questions for readers:

  • How is COVID-19 impacting my community?
  • How do I communicate those impacts to my friends, family, and neighbors?
  • Why is tracking this pandemic in the U.S. so complicated?
  • What are public health experts, data scientists, and journalists doing to make sense of those complications?
  • Where did the country’s public health system go wrong, and how can I help?

Articles are supplemented with a growing body of resources on COVID-19 data geared towards reporters and other communicators. Since this project started in July 2020, we have featured at least one COVID-19 data source in the newsletter each week. Check out the full list of sources here. We also maintain detailed annotations on data sources for COVID-19 wastewater surveillance in the U.S.”

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