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U.S. v. Google: What to Know About the Biggest Antitrust Trial in 20 Years

WSJ [listen to the article here] – “Search engine faces charges of using illegal agreements with partners such as Apple to maintain a monopoly.”

  • See also NPR – “A court battle kicks off on Tuesday in which the U.S. Justice Department will argue that Google abused its power as a monopoly to dominate the search engine business. It’s the government’s first major monopoly case to make it to trial in decades and the first in the age of the modern internet. The Justice Department’s case hinges on claims that Google illegally orchestrated its business dealings, so that it’s the first search engine people see when they turn on their phones and web browsers. The government says Google’s goal was to stomp out competition…”
  • See also The New York Times – Who’s Who in the Google Monopoly Trial. The federal government’s first monopoly trial this century will feature top tech executives, experienced litigators and an Obama-appointed judge

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