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Google Dropped the ChatGPT killler!?

Steve Nouri, LinkedIn – Google Dropped the ChatGPT killler!? Microsoft announced a game-changer(PyEx). How to teach using AI and more: Google dropped the new AI-powered assistant (#chatgpt rival). Duet AI assistant across its Workspace apps: Gmail, Drive, Slides, Docs, etc. It assists users in various tasks, such as converting a Docs outline into a Slides presentation, generating images, writing email responses, checking grammar, and finding content in Drive. Other Common Uses:

  • ✔Google Meet: offers AI-based lighting and sound adjustments
  • ✔Chat: provides automatic summaries of long threads.
  • ✔Assisted Development: Speeds up application development, and offers code suggestions.
  • ✔Assisted Operations: Helps operations teams with tasks, troubleshooting, and code assistance.
  • ✔Assisted Data Analysis: Provides contextual SQL completions, and aids in data visualization.
  • ✔Assisted Data Science: Enhances code completion and generation in AI/ML models.
  • ✔Assisted Database Management: Aids in database tasks, and provides code suggestions.
  • ✔Assisted Security Management: Assists in security analysis, threat classification, and remediation.
  • ✔Assisted Interoperability: Helps developers build APIs and integrations using natural language prompts. It is compared to a combination of “Clippy”s assistance and “ChatGPT”s creativity. Check it out here

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