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The Power of the Prompt: A Special Report on AI for In-House Counsel

Bloomberg Law: “Every couple of decades, technology grabs headlines and takes hold of the collective conversation with developments said to represent a giant leap for mankind. The telephone, electricity, television, personal computers, the internet, smartphones and—some say—artificial intelligence. AI has become a daily news fixture in a short amount of time, embedding itself as an action item on corporate meeting agendas in industries across the globe. We’ve been covering AI and its impact on various aspects of the legal industry for a long time. But we’ve really picked up the pace over the last year with the emergence of generative AI, which goes further than any previous technology to create new text, video and images. Suddenly it’s possible to plug almost any request into an AI prompt, and “send a request” to a model like ChatGPT to draft a letter to a client or distill complex legal ideas into plain English. “The Power of the Prompt” is an interactive special report drawing on the breadth of our recent reporting and analysis. In a pair of stories, reporter Isabel Gottlieb gets a read on where corporate legal departments and legal operations teams stand on embracing AI. And analyst Stephanie Pacheco takes that one step further, outlining the data on just how quickly in-house teams are adapting. The package also includes practical tools and perspectives written by almost two dozen thought leaders and legal experts on considerations for AI in tax, copyright, corporate governance, employment, and more. Regardless of where you are in your understanding of the technology and how it may impact you or the company you advise, our guide to artificial intelligence and the practice of law will help you navigate what’s next”

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