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Dead trees around the world are shocking scientists

Knowable Magazine: “Forests once deemed resilient are suffering surprising die-offs. To predict the fate of the world’s woods in the face of climate change, researchers need to understand how trees die… Some 14 European tree species, mostly beech and spruce, grow here, the subject of a long-term study led by plant ecologist and physiologist Ansgar Kahmen of the University of Basel. When the project was launched in 2018, the goal was to simulate the effects of drought by building roofs just above the forest floor to intercept the rain. But that summer and early fall, the weather itself set up the experiment, with rainfall slashed nearly in half and temperatures three degrees higher than usual as part of the worst drought to sweep central Europe in 250 years. Many trees were wiped out; 10 spruce succumbed at the two-hectare site (about five acres). Countless other trees were tested to their limits that year and in the years since…” [The trees referenced in this article are prevalent throughout the United States and subject to the same outcomes. With each storm, drought and fire, our tree canopy,from yards to national, is being decimated. Please work to save the trees in your community. They are irreplaceable

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