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Physician and Physician Practice Research Database

HHS Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: “The Physician and Physician Practice Research Database (3P-RD) captures characteristics of physicians and physician practices in 13 states. The database describes the supply of physician services available across selected states for data year 2019-2020. AHRQ created 3P-RD as a resource to address existing data gaps in physician health services information at the state and market levels.  3P-RD consists of both public use and restricted use data files. The public use file (PUF) version of 3P-RD is currently available for download. Go to data files and documentation below. The Restricted Use File (RUF) version of 3P-RD will be available for each state. Once the data are released, a data use agreement (DUA) will be required for access to the data files.”

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