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The invisible seafaring industry that keeps the internet afloat

The Verge: “…The world’s emails, TikToks, classified memos, bank transfers, satellite surveillance, and FaceTime calls travel on cables that are about as thin as a garden hose. There are about 800,000 miles of these skinny tubes crisscrossing the Earth’s oceans, representing nearly 600 different systems, according to the industry tracking organization TeleGeography. The cables are… Continue Reading

Test of 4 Different AI Image Detectors: Here’s How Accurate They Were

MakeUseOf: I tested the capabilities of four AI image detectors—Illuminarty, AI or Not, Hive Moderation, and SDXL Detector—using two AI images generated by DALL-E and one photo taken by a human. The results varied among the detectors, with some accurately distinguishing AI-generated images from real ones, while others made some mistakes. Even the most accurate… Continue Reading

Wayback Machine: 5 Alternatives To Try

Search Engine Journal – “Discover alternatives to the Wayback Machine for preserving website history and data. Explore web archives and their unique features for SEO, The internet is constantly changing, with websites appearing and disappearing and information being added or removed constantly. This makes it hard for people who study and analyze the internet or… Continue Reading

Democracy Dies Behind Paywalls

The Atlantic [unpaywalled]- “The case for making journalism free—at least during the 2024 election…Paywalls create a two-tiered system: credible, fact-based information for people who are willing to pay for it, and murkier, less-reliable information for everyone else. Simply put, paywalls get in the way of informing the public, which is the mission of journalism. And… Continue Reading

How to Clean Your Laptop the Right Way

PCMag – Gunk happens! Here’s how to clean up your laptop’s act—from the top bezel to the bottom fan—without inflicting harm. (It’s easy, and you can use products you have around the house.) “Dust, coffee stains, oil from your fingertips, food particles, plain old grime: If your laptop shows any of those, it’s time to… Continue Reading

Thrift Stores Are a Goldmine for Geeky Buys

How to Geek: Here’s What I Look For, By Tim Brookes – Who doesn’t love a bargain? Thrift stores can hold hidden gems like video games, consoles, cameras, vinyl, and electronics. Be sure to check for unique items. Consider looking for rare items like collectible video game cartridges, cameras and lenses, and old PC parts… Continue Reading

Journalistic interventions matter: Understanding how Americans perceive fact-checking labels

Misinformation Review: “While algorithms and crowdsourcing have been increasingly used to debunk or label misinformation on social media, such tasks might be most effective when performed by professional fact checkers or journalists. Drawing on a national survey (N = 1,003), we found that U.S. adults evaluated fact-checking labels created by professional fact checkers as more… Continue Reading

New bill would try to make tools like Zoom and Teams work together securely

The Verge: “A new proposal from Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) would require videoconferencing and messaging tools used by the federal government to be able to communicate with each other, even if made by different companies. It would also enforce high security standards for government collaboration tools, including end-to-end encryption. The Secure and Interoperable Government Collaboration… Continue Reading