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Bank financials, 1976–present

Via Jeremy Singer-Vine / Data is Plural: “Bank financials, 1976–present. The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council’s National Information Center “provides comprehensive financial and structure information on banks and other institutions for which the Federal Reserve has a supervisory, regulatory, or research interest.” Its datasets include quarterly financial statements for bank holding companies, going back to… Continue Reading

How AI could write our laws

MIT Technology News: “Nearly 90% of the multibillion-dollar federal lobbying apparatus in the United States serves corporate interests. In some cases, the objective of that money is obvious. Google pours millions into lobbying on bills related to antitrust regulation. Big energy companies expect action whenever there is a move to end drilling leases for federal… Continue Reading

ClearGov Launches ChatGPT Tool for Municipal Budgets

Government Technology: “ChatGPT is getting a chance to prove itself in municipal budgeting via a new tool from Massachusetts-based government technology vendor ClearGov. AI is perhaps the hottest new thing in gov tech, poised to play a role in everything from education to transit to public agency communications. Few tasks are more important to government… Continue Reading

The AI hype bubble is the new crypto hype bubble

Pluralistic / Cory Doctorow: “…Blockchain was a solution in search of a problem. So is AI. Yes, Buzzfeed will be able to reduce its wage-bill by automating its personality quiz vertical, and Spotify’s “AI DJ” will produce slightly less terrible playlists (at least, to the extent that Spotify doesn’t put its thumb on the scales… Continue Reading

The Quick and the Dead: building up cyber resilience in the financial sector

“Introductory remarks by Fabio Panetta, Member of the Executive Board of the ECB, at the meeting of the Euro Cyber Resilience Board for pan-European Financial Infrastructures, Frankfurt am Main, 8 March 2023 – “The proliferation of cyber threat actors combined with an increase in remote working and greater digital interconnectedness is raising the risk, frequency… Continue Reading

The CEPS EurLex dataset

The CEPS EurLex dataset: “142.036 EU laws from 1952-2019 with full text and 22 variables: The dataset contains 142.036 EU laws – almost the entire corpus of the EU’s digitally available legal acts passed between 1952 – 2019. It encompasses the three types of legally binding acts passed by the EU institutions: 102.304 regulations, 4.070… Continue Reading

The Open Contracting Data Standard

“The Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS), is a free, non-proprietary open data standard for public contracting, implemented by over 30 governments around the world. It is the only international open standard for the publication of information related to the planning, procurement, and implementation of public contracts and has been endorsed by the G20, the G7… Continue Reading