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How governments are looking to regulate AI

Economist Intelligence – EIU:

  • The EU has taken the lead with the strictest rules, which will have the biggest impact globally
  • Chinese rules are also strict, but their impact is domestic, and geared towards keeping control and power with the ruling party
  • The US favours innovation, and its political system hinders any attempt at regulation, giving the courts and states oversized power
  •  In any case, AI regulations will further contribute to fragmentation and regionalisation, which has become a major trend in the tech world

As artificial intelligence (AI) gathers pace, so are attempts at regulation. Every country is looking to have its own set of rules, which could lead to further fragmentation of the global digital market. The risks associated with AI, whether misinformation, job losses or bias, are key reasons behind the move towards regulation.  This article is a snapshot of the situation as it is now, with particular focus on the steps taken by the US, the EU and China, but it is worth bearing in mind this is evolving, so that things will necessarily change as the technology continues to develop.”

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