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Z-Library Opens ‘Z-Points’ Around the World to Share Paper Books

Torrent Freak: “Z-Library, which is commonly known as a pirate ebook repository, has opened up 11 physical book distribution points around the world. From the United States to South Sudan, there are Z-Points in every inhabited continent. The ultimate goal is to broaden the library’s scope to the physical realm, further promoting book sharing. With… Continue Reading

Law Schools: Want to Help Bend the Arc of the Moral Universe Toward Justice? Hire Law Professors with Public Service Experience

Kincaid, Rachel, Law Schools: Want to Help Bend the Arc of the Moral Universe Toward Justice? Hire Law Professors with Public Service Experience (September 5, 2023). University of Richmond Law Review, Forthcoming, Available at SSRN: “We are living in momentous times. Social justice and the legitimacy of our political systems are at the forefront… Continue Reading

An Ed-Tech Tragedy?

UNESCO – “A new book about experiences with educational technologies during the COVID-19 pandemic and the implications for the future of learning. The COVID-19 pandemic pushed education from schools to educational technologies at a pace and scale with no historical precedent. For hundreds of millions of students formal learning became fully dependent on technology –… Continue Reading

The Great Gloom: In 2023, Employees Are Unhappier Than Ever. Why?

BambooHR’s Employee Happiness Index Benchmarks Employee Satisfaction Across 8 Key Industries Table of Contents Key Takeaways for Human Resources Professionals Employee Happiness Index Benchmarks (2020–Present) What Is the Happiest Sector of the Workforce? 8 Major Industries, Ranked Happiest Industry: Construction Plummeting Happiness: Technology Steadily Declining Happiness: Finance Increasing Happiness: Nonprofit Slowing Unhappiness: Restaurants, Food and… Continue Reading

Conservative book ban push fuels library exodus ALA

AP: “After parents in a rural and staunchly conservative Wyoming county joined nationwide pressure on librarians to pull books they considered harmful to youngsters, the local library board obliged with new policies making such books a higher priority for removal — and keeping out of collections. But that’s not all the library board has done.… Continue Reading

AI Policies Across the Globe: Implications and Recommendations For Libraries

AI policies across the globe: Implications and recommendations for libraries, Leo S Lo, OnlineFirst. Published August 27, 2023. – This article examines the proposed artificial intelligence policies of the USA, UK, European Union, Canada, and China, and their implications for libraries. As artificial intelligence revolutionizes library operations, it presents complex challenges, such as ethical… Continue Reading

Federal judge temporarily blocks new Texas book-rating law for schools

San Antonio Press News: “A federal judge on Thursday temporarily blocked a new Texas law that would establish a book-rating system and ban or restrict books with sexual content from Texas public schools.  Austin-based Judge Alan D. Albright told lawyers that the state could not enforce the law Friday, when it was planned to take… Continue Reading

Teacher shortages in the United States

A systematic examination of reports of teacher vacancy and shortages: Teachers are critical for student learning. Recent news and policy reports suggest there are shortages of teachers in many parts of the country, and these shortages are detrimental for students and public education since these positions are either left unfilled or are filled with less… Continue Reading


Photogrammar – Random selection of photographs. “The 170,000 photographs taken between 1935 and 1944 under the direction of the Farm Security Administration (FSA) and the Office of War Information (OWI) constitutes one of the richest photographic archives in the United States, arguably the world. One of the most famous documentary photography collections of the twentieth… Continue Reading