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A World Without Sci-Hub

Palladium Mag: “…The success of Sci-Hub has made it a target for injunctions and investigations. Academic publishers have sued Sci-Hub repeatedly, opponents have accused the site’s creators of collaborating with Russian intelligence, and private sector critics have dubbed it a threat to “national security.” Elbakyan recently tweeted out a notification she received that the FBI… Continue Reading

How to Get Google Search Results That Are Actually Useful

Wired: Here’s how to cut through the sponsored listings and ads—and get back to the good stuff….To get good results out of Google, you need to go beyond simply typing out a few keywords and hoping for the best. Using the tips we’ve outlined below, you should be able to find what you’re after faster… Continue Reading

Visualizing Daily Activities of Men and Women

Center for Data Innovation: “FlowingData, an online publication that creates data visualizations, has created a visualization depicting the daily activities of men and women – How Men and Women Spend Their Days. The visualization shows what activities men and women devote their time to throughout the day based on their employment status. For example, the… Continue Reading

Leaders are thinking about hybrid work in a one-dimensional way. This is a better approach.

Fast Company – “The term “hybrid work” has come to mean more flexibility around working both remotely and in the office. But perhaps we could be applying the same term to the speed of work as well. Post-pandemic, are our work lives slowing down or speeding up? There seem to be conflicting answers. On the… Continue Reading

GPO and Law Library of Congress Make Volumes of Nation’s Most Treasured Publications Digitally Available

“The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO), in collaboration with the Law Library of Congress, has digitized and made available volumes of the United States Congressional Serial Set on GPO’s govinfo, the one-stop shop to information published by the Federal Government. The release comes as part of a large decade-long partnership to digitize more than 15,000… Continue Reading

Publishers hope fact-checking can become a revenue stream. Right now, it’s mostly Big Tech who is buying.

Washington Post: “…The fact-checking operations at the German Press Agency (dpa) and Agence France-Presse (AFP) count some of the world’s biggest tech companies as clients — er, partners — but said that for their departments to become contributing revenue streams for their news agencies, they’d have to find more people and organizations willing to compensate them for… Continue Reading

What Is LinkedIn Learning? How to Get the Most Out of It

Make Use Of: “There has been an upward trend in people working from home or studying remotely. This has resulted in a significant growth in online learning platforms and the courses they offer. Some enjoy brushing up their skills, while others prefer learning new technology. Online learning platforms cater to individuals from different professional backgrounds… Continue Reading

FindCenter Beta

FindCenter is a platform for personal development and growth: “Wisdom lights the path to wellbeing. FindCenter is a platform for personal development and growth. We’ve made it our mission — through extensive research, curation, and code — to support those seeking answers. Our approach is comprehensive and communal. FindCenter is part library, part garden, and… Continue Reading