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An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario and Its Implications for United States National Security

An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario and Its Implications for United States National Security – October 2003. By Peter Schwartz and Doug Randall. Report prepared for U.S. Dept. of Defense. Released to the public in early February 2004. See also The Pentagon’s Weather Nightmare. The climate could change radically, and fast. That would be the mother… Continue Reading

Annual NOAA Marine Debris Program Art Contest and Calendar

“The NOAA Marine Debris Program holds an annual art contest to reach K-8 students and help raise awareness about marine debris. Marine debris is a global issue and we believe that engaging our youth is an important part of addressing the problem. The resulting calendar, featuring the winning artwork, provides a daily reminder of how… Continue Reading

‘The Fuse Has Been Blown,’ and the Doomsday Glacier Is Coming for Us All

Rolling Stone: “New data suggests a massive collapse of the ice shelf in as little as five years. “We are dealing with an event that no human has ever witnessed,” says one scientist. “We have no analog for this”…Given the ongoing war for American democracy and the deadly toll of the Covid pandemic, the loss… Continue Reading

Scientists build new atlas of ocean’s oxygen-starved waters

MIT News: “Life is teeming nearly everywhere in the oceans, except in certain pockets where oxygen naturally plummets and waters become unlivable for most aerobic organisms. These desolate pools are “oxygen-deficient zones,” or ODZs. And though they make up less than 1 percent of the ocean’s total volume, they are a significant source of nitrous… Continue Reading

Winter storms are breaking snow and temperature records and there’s more to come

NPR: “Winter storms sweeping parts of the Western U.S. and the Pacific Northwest have brought heavy snow and record low temperatures in some areas — and there’s more to come. A winter storm warning continues into Wednesday for parts of the border area of Northern California and Nevada. “We’ve had quite a series of storms… Continue Reading

Historic U.S. weather events in 2021, by the numbers

Washington Post: “From record-shattering heat to frigid waves of cold, torrential downpours to relentless drought, 2021 has been a year of extremes in the United States. As personal stories and images illuminate the devastation wrought by the events, the raw numbers also underline the widespread impacts and extraordinary nature of this year’s weather. Below are… Continue Reading

Tropical forests can recover from deforestation remarkably fast and on their own

Washington Post – “Deforestation is a global and accelerating threat. But new research shows that tropical forests can recover naturally and remarkably quickly on abandoned lands. The study, published Thursday in the journal Science, found that under low-intensity use, soil on previously deforested land can recover its fertility in less than a decade. Characteristics such… Continue Reading

The problem with ESG investing, in one chart

Quartz: “Investors poured more than $120 billion this year into exchange-traded funds marketed as comprising companies with strong environmental, social, and governance (ESG) track records. That’s double last year’s level, and total investment in ESG ETFs could reach $1 trillion by 2025, according to Bloomberg, making them one of the hottest investment products on the… Continue Reading

Nature’s 10 Ten people who helped shape science in 2021

“An Omicron investigator, a Mars explorer and an AI ethics pioneer are some of the people behind the year’s big research stories. The Nature’s 10 list explores key developments in science this year and some of the people who played important parts in these milestones. Along with their colleagues, these individuals helped to make amazing… Continue Reading

HE 2021 Northern Lights photographer of the year

Capture the Atlas: “The 2021 Northern Lights photographer of the year. Photographing the Northern Lights is an otherworldly experience.There aren’t many events as moving as seeing the aurora borealis dance and illuminate the night sky with mesmerizing movements and vibrant colors. To help you find inspiration for planning and executing your images, in this new… Continue Reading

Global Foresight 2022

“Welcome to the inaugural edition of a new annual report from the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security, home for the last decade to one of the world’s premier strategic foresight shops. In this year’s installment, which is part of the Atlantic Council Strategy Papers series, Mathew Burrows and Anca Agachi identify ten… Continue Reading