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Daily Archives: May 20, 2024

After I learned this easy email trick the clutter vanished from my inbox

ZDNET: “Is your inbox overflowing with ads, newsletters, and social media updates? You don’t need complex rules or multiple accounts to get things under control. Just the magic of one feature that’s built into most email solutions…The magic of email aliases. An alias is an alternate email address that’s linked to your main account. Messages… Continue Reading

If using LinkedIn makes you feel like an imposter at work, here’s how to cope

Via LLRX – If using LinkedIn makes you feel like an imposter at work, here’s how to cope –  Dr. Sebastian Oliver acknowledges when it comes to professional social media, LinkedIn, with its billion-plus members, stands unrivalled. The platform for career updates, networking and job searches has effectively become a requirement in the professional world. It… Continue Reading

Google – Introducing the Frontier Safety Framework

The Framework – The first version of the Framework announced today builds on our research on evaluating critical capabilities in frontier models, and follows the emerging approach of Responsible Capability Scaling. The Framework has three key components: Identifying capabilities a model may have with potential for severe harm. To do this, we research the paths… Continue Reading

Secrets in Your Data

NOVA, PBS Documentary – YouTube – Official Website: | #novapbs Whether you’re on social media or surfing the web, you’re probably sharing more personal data than you realize. That can pose a risk to your privacy – even your safety. But at the same time, big datasets could lead to huge advances in fields… Continue Reading

See How Easily AI Chatbots Can Be Taught to Spew Disinformation

The New York Times [no paywall]: “Ahead of the U.S. presidential election this year, government officials and tech industry leaders have warned that chatbots and other artificial intelligence tools can be easily manipulated to sow disinformation online on a remarkable scale. To understand how worrisome the threat is, we customized our own chatbots, feeding them… Continue Reading