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Daily Archives: August 22, 2023

Your State-by-State Guide to Every State Supreme Court

Bolts: “Every state and territory has its own supreme court and every supreme court has tremendous power over legal cases and public policy within its borders—but the resemblances end there. No two courts are exactly the same. Each has its rules and idiosyncrasies, each comes with different procedures for how someone becomes and stays a judge, and each has a distinct set of roles and functions. For anyone hoping to navigate this maze, these differences can quickly become overwhelming. Does this court have anything to do with setting bail schedules? Is it involved in certifying election results? Is anyone on its bench old enough they’ll soon have to retire? Will a vacancy spark a special election?  With this page, Bolts lays out the answers to these questions, and a great many more, for every single high court in all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico. For each of these 54 courts (Oklahoma and Texas each have two high courts), Bolts fleshes out its structure, how judges make it on and get to stay on it, the scope of its judicial powers, and its other critical rulemaking and policymaking roles. If you want to take a step back and are wondering why these courts even matter, read our accompanying article that will introduce you to these powerful institutions and answers your big-picture questions. This research was conducted by Quinn Yeargain, an assistant professor of law at Widener University. Daniel Nichanian contributed to the preparation of this page. Explore the information by clicking on the state that interests you below, or by comparing how the same category plays out across various states.”

Millions of Pages of Documents Is No Reason to Delay Trump’s January 6 Trial

The Atlantic [read free] – We’ve litigated cases with far more paperwork than that. The task was manageable and, crucially, fair. By Norman L. Eisen and Andrew Weissmann. “Next Monday, Judge Tanya Chutkan is expected to decide the date of Donald Trump’s federal criminal trial for his attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election. The… Continue Reading

How ChatGPT turned generative AI into an “anything tool”

Ars Technica: “The chief technology officer of a robotics startup told me earlier this year, “We thought we’d have to do a lot of work to build ‘ChatGPT for robotics.’ Instead, it turns out that, in a lot of cases, ChatGPT is ChatGPT for robotics.” Until recently, AI models were specialized tools. Using AI in… Continue Reading

Sail & Explore Association Partnership Expands Microplastics Database

“The National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) archives data collected by a variety of scientists and institutions. The partnership between NCEI and nonprofit organization Sail & Explore Association has improved and expanded the Marine Microplastics database. The goal of this partnership is to not only expand the database, but to establish a diverse international community… Continue Reading

IBM selling The Weather Channel and the rest of its weather business

CNBC: “IBM said Tuesday it’s selling its weather unit, including The Weather Channel mobile app and websites,, Weather Underground and Storm Radar. IBM will sell The Weather Company and its assets to Francisco Partners, a tech-focused private equity firm, for an undisclosed sum; as part of the deal, IBM will retain access to the… Continue Reading

Biden admin launches new income-driven student loan repayment program

The Hill: “The Biden administration officially launched the new income-driven student loan repayment plan for borrowers Tuesday, ahead of repayments restarting this fall. The official launch of the Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) plan comes just weeks before interest will begin to accrue on student loans for the first time in more than three… Continue Reading

New EEOC Strategic Playbook Sharpens Focus on Systemic Bias

“Today the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced it has approved its Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2022-2026. Implementation will begin immediately. The Strategic Plan serves as a framework for achieving the EEOC’s mission to prevent and remedy unlawful employment discrimination and advance equal employment opportunity for all.  The Plan also sets forth its… Continue Reading

How to Fight Disinformation and Denial

The Bulwark – A review of Lee McIntyre’s new book, On Disinformation, out today from MIT Press. “…The slim volume, small enough to fit into a back pocket, is an engaging disquisition of our present predicament, in which large numbers of our fellow citizens believe things that are demonstrably untrue. “Denialism is not a mistake—it’s… Continue Reading