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Daily Archives: March 22, 2023

Copyright Registration Guidance: Works Containing Material Generated by Artificial Intelligence

A Rule by the Copyright Office, Library of Congress on 03/16/2023 – “The Copyright Office (the “Office”) is the Federal agency tasked with administering the copyright registration system, as well as advising Congress, other agencies, and the Federal judiciary on copyright and related matters. Because the Office has overseen copyright registration since its origins in… Continue Reading

Researchers Reveal That Paper About Academic Cheating Was Generated Using ChatGPT

The Guardian – “An academic paper entitled Chatting and Cheating: Ensuring Academic Integrity in the Era of ChatGPT was published this month in an education journal, describing how artificial intelligence (AI) tools “raise a number of challenges and concerns, particularly in relation to academic honesty and plagiarism”. What readers – and indeed the peer reviewers… Continue Reading

North Korean hackers using Chrome extensions to steal Gmail emails

Bleeping Computer: “A joint cybersecurity advisory from the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) and the National Intelligence Service of the Republic of Korea (NIS) warn about Kimsuky’s use of Chrome extensions to steal target’s Gmail emails. Kimsuky (aka Thallium, Velvet Chollima) is a North Korean threat group that uses spear… Continue Reading

Algorithms are moulding and shaping our politics. Here’s how to avoid being gamed

Via LLRX – Algorithms are moulding and shaping our politics. Here’s how to avoid being gamed – In a recent paper, Prof. Chantelle Gray coined the term “algopopulism”: algorithmically aided politics. The political content in our personal feeds not only represents the world and politics to us. It creates new, sometimes “alternative”, realities. It changes how… Continue Reading

Google’s Hot New Bard AI Is Already Spouting Ridiculous Conspiracy Theories

Futurism:  “Google just released its much-anticipated rival to Microsoft’s OpenAI-powered Bing AI — and it’s already churning out false information, complete with fake citations of news articles that look plausible, but don’t actually exist. While the system, called Bard and currently on a waitlist for early users, is impressive in similar ways to both Bing… Continue Reading

2022 Fossil Fuel Finance Report

Banking on Climate Chaos – Any bank supporting any company that is expanding fossil fuels is driving climate chaos: “Fossil fuel financing from the world’s 60 largest banks has reached USD $4.6 trillion in the six years since the adoption of the Paris Agreement, with $742 billion in fossil fuel financing in 2021 alone. This… Continue Reading

Create images with your words – Bing Image Creator comes to the new Bing

Microsoft Blogs: “Last month we introduced the new AI-powered Bing and Microsoft Edge, your copilot for the web – delivering better search, complete answers, a new chat experience and the ability to create content. Already, we have seen that chat is reinventing how people search with more than 100 million chats to date. We’ve seen… Continue Reading