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Daily Archives: December 13, 2022

Dozens of Telehealth Startups Sent Sensitive Health Information to Big Tech Companies

MarkUp: “Open the website of WorkIt Health, and the path to treatment starts with a simple intake form: Are you in danger of harming yourself or others? If not, what’s your current opioid and alcohol use? How much methadone do you use? Within minutes, patients looking for online treatment for opioid use and other addictions can complete the assessment and book a video visit with a provider licensed to prescribe suboxone and other drugs. But what patients probably don’t know is that WorkIt was sending their delicate, even intimate, answers about drug use and self-harm to Facebook. A joint investigation by STAT and The Markup of 50 direct-to-consumer telehealth companies like WorkIt found that quick, online access to medications often comes with a hidden cost for patients: Virtual care websites were leaking sensitive medical information they collect to the world’s largest advertising platforms…”

OpenCorporates unifies official company data from all 50 US States

Press Release: “OpenCorporates, the world’s definitive source for company data, has made transparent company data from all 50 US States plus the District of Columbia available to all. Information on nearly 100 million companies registered in the US, and over 190 million company officers, has been collected from each State’s official company register, unified and… Continue Reading

You’re Being Lied to About Electric Cars

MotorTrend, Jonny Lieberman – Science has repeatedly shown EVs are better for humans, despite the meme you just retweeted. “I’ve heard all the supposed arguments. It seems every time anything even tangentially related to electric cars is published, certain people feel compelled to share their own research. You’ve probably heard it all, too: A Prius… Continue Reading

The Climate Impact of Your Neighborhood, Mapped

The New York Times: “New data shared with The New York Times reveals stark disparities in how different U.S. households contribute to climate change. Looking at America’s cities, a pattern emerges. Households in denser neighborhoods close to city centers tend to be responsible for fewer planet-warming greenhouse gases, on average, than households in the rest… Continue Reading

How the Law Review Grind Makes Legal Scholarship Worse

Balls and Strikes, Jacob Hammond: “Law reviews, for the uninitiated, are academic journals that house the near-entirety of legal scholarship. Typically staffed by second- and third-year law students, law reviews hold a special place in the profession: Beyond delivering tortuous Socratic lectures and occasionally grading exams, the only real “work” law professors do is publishing… Continue Reading

CRS Video Seminars on Disruptive Technologies

CRS Seminars on Disruptive Technologies: Videos – Updated December 8, 2022: CRS Seminars on Disruptive Technologies: Videos – “New technologies, and those that represent an evolutionary improvement of an existing tool or process, that exhibit the potential to have large-scale effects on social and economic activity are often referred to as “disruptive” technologies. They can… Continue Reading

Striking findings from Pew Research 2022

Pew Research Center’s surveys have shed light on public opinion around some of the biggest news events of 2022 – from Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine to the overturning of Roe v. Wade to Americans’ experiences with extreme weather events. Here’s a look back at the past year through 15 of our most striking research… Continue Reading

Technology Can You Have Your Cookies and Eat (or Delete) Them, Too?

ABA: “Until recently, a “cookie” was just a popular baked treat commonly consumed with milk. Since the dawn of the internet, however, the term has taken on a different meaning, namely that of a small text file that is automatically stored on a user’s web browser when viewing a particular website. Although initially intended as… Continue Reading

Foreign Information Manipulation Interference and Cybersecurity – Threat Landscape

“The EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) and the European External Action Service (EEAS) have joined forces to study and analyse the threat landscape concerning Foreign Information Manipulation and Interference (FIMI) and disinformation. A dedicated analytical framework is put forward, consistent with the ENISA Threat Landscape (ETL) methodology, with the aim of analysing both FIMI and… Continue Reading

Discrimination Blocking: A New Compelling Interest for Affirmative Action

Dec 12, 2022. 136 Harv. L. Rev. 690. “…This Note argues that the Court should recognize a new compelling interest for university affirmative action. Call this interest “discrimination blocking.” Though discrimination blocking may well justify identity-conscious policies in a wide range of contexts, this Note cabins its focus on “affirmative action” to race-based admissions policies… Continue Reading