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Daily Archives: June 22, 2021

AALL Releases 2021 State of the Profession Report

“The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) today releases its 2021 AALL State of the Profession report,a data-driven exploration of the landscape in law libraries and in the legal information profession. It is intended to be used as a tool for organizational benchmarking, advocacy, strategic planning—as well as for personal and professional development. The report provides quantitative insights on the impact of COVID-19in law libraries, diversity, budgets, user services, operations, collections, preservation, partnerships, and technology. “The role of law librarians and legal information professionals is always evolving. The COVID-19 pandemic provided law librarians with the opportunity to demonstrate how essential their abilities and roles are within the legal ecosphere by stepping up and becoming true leaders within their organizations,” said AALL President Emily R. Florio. Law librarians are technology leaders and innovators, finding the right products and solutions for onboarding new hires, training lawyers, teaching law students, and providing their users with essential legal research and a more seamless and successful process. They are crucial in creating and implementing strategic plans to keep business operations running smoothly—during times of uncertainty, as well as into the future. With all these changes, AALL is pleased to release the second edition of the 2021 AALL State of the Profession report to provide organizations with the insights needed to understand the current legal information landscape. This report further supports the legal information profession’s ongoing goals of innovation, research, technology, and adaptability…

Google gets a new rival as Brave Search opens to the public

CNET: “About 32 million people now use Brave’s ad-blocking browser each month. Brave, the maker of a popular ad blocking browser, opened on Tuesday a public beta of its privacy-focused search engine, a first step in creating a product that could compete with market titan Google. Brave Search will become the default search engine in… Continue Reading

Top 4 Unbiased Independent World News Sources

Make Use Of: “Unbiased news sources are rare, but they do exist. Here are the best news websites that are free from true censorship….The Associated Press was founded in 1846. The renowned global news organization has 53 Pulitzer Prizes under its belt. It is and has always been the epitome of clear and unbiased news… Continue Reading

Physics explains why there is no information on social media

ZDNet – Physics dictates machines should minimize entropy, and humans are complying on TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms…Social media is…trying to recover a signal from noise in a communications channel. But what kind of communications channel is social media?  It’s not a communications channel between people, for the problem of how to send a… Continue Reading

A fascinating design history of the filing cabinet

Fast Company Adapted with permission from The Filing Cabinet: A Vertical History of Information by Craig Robertson, published by Minnesota University Press “…The filing cabinet emerged at the same time the skyscraper was becoming a cultural symbol that presented capitalism and modernity as distinctly American projects for the 20th century. As vertical structures, the skyscraper and… Continue Reading

Alexa’s recording you. What’s she doing with it?

YouTube: “Read Sara’s article about the privacy settings on your smart speaker…In fact, over one-third of U.S. adults has a smart speaker. In 2014, Amazon debuted a simple but industry-changing product: the smart speaker. Technically the Amazon Echo was just a microphone attached to the internet that you installed in your home. But it let… Continue Reading

The 10 Best Ways to Read Comics Online for Free

Make Uses Of: “Marvel and DC have gained a lot of new fans with their increased cinematic presence, meaning a boost to the comic book industry. Unfortunately, visiting your local comic book store can prove expensive. Single issues typically cost $3.99, with milestone issues and variants costing even more. Thankfully, you can save some money… Continue Reading