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Daily Archives: January 16, 2019

Cite-Seeing Part II: The Bluebook’s New York Bloopers

Lebovits, Gerald, Cite-Seeing Part II: The Bluebook’s New York Bloopers (November 2018). 90 N.Y. St. B.J. 62 (Nov./Dec. 2018).. Available at SSRN:

“This column, the second in a series on citing, shows how all the Bluebook-citation rules and examples to New York authorities are wrong. The author urges lawyers who write to New York courts to use the New York State Official Style Guide (Tanbook) or at least the New York Rules of Style, not the Bluebook.”

Judicial Analytics and the Great Transformation of American Law

Chen, Daniel L., Judicial Analytics and the Great Transformation of American Law (October 14, 2018). Journal of Artificial Intelligence and the Law, Forthcoming. Available at SSRN: “Predictive judicial analytics holds the promise of increasing efficiency and fairness of law. Judicial analytics can assess extra-legal factors that influence decisions. Behavioral anomalies in judicial decision-making offer… Continue Reading

Literacy at the Laundromat – new program in Chicago transforms a chore into a chance to learn

USNews: “The research is all but irrefutable: Parents of very young children who talk to, read and engage with them as often as possible help them build literacy skills at an early age – an educational foundation that can give kids a jump-start on future academic success. Also certain: Parents of very young children usually… Continue Reading

CRS Series: Introduction to Financial Services CRS Series: Introduction to Financial Services, January 11, 2019 IN11016 – “The Congressional Research Service (CRS) has created a series providing an introduction to various financial services issues in the 116th Congress. Click on any of the titles below to access an In Focus, a two-page briefing product on issues of active and ongoing… Continue Reading

The Fine Print in Smart Contracts

The Fine Print in Smart Contracts – Joshua S. Gans. NBER Working Paper No. 25443 Issued in January 2019. “One of the purported benefits of blockchain technologies is the ability to house what have been termed ‘smart’ contracts. Such contracts are potentially self-executing depending on the state of information recorded on a blockchain ledger. This… Continue Reading

IMF – The Present Value of Corporate Profits: A Forecasters’ Survey Perspective

The Present Value of Corporate Profits: A Forecasters’ Survey Perspective  Michal Andrle – January 16, 2018. “This paper presents and discusses the estimates of the present value of corporate profits in the United States from 1984 to 2018. To value the expected income stream, it uses the long-range forecasts of professional forecasters for pre-tax corporate earnings… Continue Reading

Changing world of work needs new jobs strategy

OECD: “Governments need to do more to help workers and firms adapt to the fast-changing world of work and drive inclusive growth, according to the new OECD Jobs Strategy. New evidence in the report reveals that countries that promote job quantity, quality and inclusiveness – such as Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden – perform better… Continue Reading

DuckDuckGo Search switches mapping to Apple Maps “Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo announced yesterday that the search engine’s map and address related searches and functions are now powered by Apple’s MapKit JS framework. The new functionality is live already for desktop and mobile devices that use DuckDuckgo for searches. DuckDuckGo highlights two main benefits that come out of the move: improved privacy… Continue Reading

Pew Report – Facebook Algorithms and Personal Data

“About half of Facebook users say they are not comfortable when they see how the platform categorizes them, and 27% maintain the site’s classifications do not accurately represent them. Most commercial sites, from social media platforms to news outlets to online retailers, collect a wide variety of data about their users’ behaviors. Platforms use this… Continue Reading

Most Border Wall Opponents, Supporters Say Shutdown Concessions Are Unacceptable

Pew: “Partisan divide on whether shutdown is ‘very serious’ problem. With the partial shutdown of the federal government in its third week, both opponents and supporters of expanding the U.S.-Mexico border wall overwhelmingly oppose making concessions to end the stalemate. A new Pew Research Center survey finds that majority of Americans (58%) continue to oppose… Continue Reading