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Daily Archives: January 4, 2018

New on LLRX – The State of Law Library eBooks 2017-18 Part Three: What Law Libraries are Doing

Via LLRXThe State of Law Library eBooks 2017-18 Part Three: What Law Libraries are Doing – In the third installment of her series, Ellyssa Kroski discusses the hybrid model at NYLI and how her team is utilizing aggregators and individual publisher platforms as well as subscription models and patron-driven acquisitions to create the largest and most comprehensive eBook collection of any membership law library in the US. Be sure to check out Parts One and Two of this informative series.

New on LLRX – Embedding Humans in the Loop – Bridging the Gap Between Machine Learning and Perfection

Via LLRX – Embedding Humans In The Loop – Bridging The Gap Between Machine Learning And Perfection – “AI” has become an ever-present marketing buzzword in many sectors, not least of which in the legal arena. Machine learning applications are promising to deliver remarkably accurate software and data solutions while downplaying the critical intersection with… Continue Reading

DHS Handbook for Safeguarding Sensitive PII

Handbook for Safeguarding Sensitive PII Privacy Policy Directive 047-01-007, Revision 3. Published by the DHS Privacy Office. December 4, 2017. This Handbook provides best practices and DHS policy requirements to prevent a privacy incident involving PII/SPII during all stages of the information lifecycle: when collecting, storing, using, disseminating, or disposing of PII/SPII. This handbook explains:… Continue Reading

NY Fed – An Index of Treasury Market Liquidity: 1991-2017

An Index of Treasury Market Liquidity: 1991-2017. November 2017 Number 827. Authors: Tobias Adrian, Michael Fleming “Order book and transactions data from the U.S. Treasury securities market are used to calculate daily measures of bid-ask spreads, depth, and price impact for a twenty-six-year sample period (1991-2017). From these measures, a daily index of Treasury market… Continue Reading

Crossing the Line: What Counts as Online Harassment?

Americans agree that certain behaviors constitute online harassment, but they are more divided on others – “Pew Research Center surveys have found that online harassment is a common phenomenon in the digital lives of many Americans, and that a majority of Americans feel harassment online is a major problem. Even so, there is considerable debate… Continue Reading

New Database to Research International Institutional Law: Oxford International Organizations

Posting by Sherry Xin Chen: “Oxford University Press (OUP) has just released a new database specialized in international institutional law, Oxford International Organizations (OXIO). OXIO is “the first of its kind” to aid users in their research and understanding of the “acts and practices of international organizations”, an integral part of public international law. OXIO… Continue Reading

Florida Study Cyclists Don’t Break Traffic Laws Any More Than Drivers Do

Florida Department of Transportation, Final Report – Naturalistic Bicycling Behavior Pilot Study November 2017 [via StreetsBlogUSA] “Bicyclists experience disproportionate rates of injuries and fatalities compared to other road users. The safety for bicyclists is of particular concern in Florida, where bicyclist fatality rates were nearly triple the national average in 2015. This naturalistic bicycling behavior… Continue Reading