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Young lawyers can be technophobes too

ABA Journal – legal tech entrepreneur Monica Goyal – “Many lawyers are reluctant to adopt new legal technology, says Monica Goyal, who developed platforms including My Legal Briefcase, which helps parties in the Canadian small claims courts, and Aluvion Law, which uses automation to cut legal services costs for small businesses. “Even young lawyers—we think young lawyers are on Facebook, Twitter, they’re using computers, and that somehow they will be more willing to try and experiment with new technology. I’ve found that’s not the case,” says Goyal, a visiting professor at Toronto’s Osgoode Hall Law School, where her work focuses on teaching legal technology. “One of the things I do at the law school is give students ideas about what tools are out there and how they can connect that to their practices in the future,” adds Goyal, who also has her own law firm in Toronto…”

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