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Who to Call for Help When You Don’t Want to Call the Cops

Vice – 911 isn’t the only option—and it might not be the best one. Here’s a basic guide to how to handle emergency situations without involving the police. – “…Currently, lists local resources for more than 70 different metropolitan areas across North America, from NYC and Los Angeles to Prince George’s County, Maryland, and Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Each locality has a host of hotlines and warmlines (an early intervention tool for people pre-crisis who need emotional support) divvied up under one of eight categories: domestic violence/sexual assault, LGBTQ+, youth, elders, crime, substance abuse, mental health, and housing. “As I went through that process, it became even more apparent to me how important it is to centralize this information because it’s not something that you can stick into Google and find on a whim,” Sepler-King said. Sepler-King said she makes sure to vet any resource she lists, calling through to each organization to confirm she correctly understands the need they meet. “I also ask specific questions about in which situations would the police be called, so that I can make sure people are aware of those risks,” Sepler-King said. “Especially for mental health organizations and domestic violence organizations. Most people are required by law to call the police if they believe there’s an immediate risk of harm.”…

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