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Who did that website belong to?

Tools for Reporters: “You may already be familiar with WHOIS, the directory of website registrants. Under ICANN rules, you have to have contact info registered for a domain, and that contact info used to be public. Sadly, that changed in 2018 and much of the information is now redacted. But! A tool called WHOIS History Search came to the rescue. WHOIS History Search is a giant archive of WHOISes (WHOWASes?) going back more than 10 years. For instance, I can see Tools for Reporters is currently registered to GoDaddy, but back in 2017, it was registered to Dan’s phone number and email address. For some reason, the site has its own “DRS Credits” gives you 500 free ones a month. It only cost one credit to do the search for TFR, but pulling up the history cost like 52. So I guess you just have to pull the lever and hope you get some good results before you run out of tokens. If not, upgrade for $19 or better luck next month. This is a good way to get around current GDPR regulations (sorry privacy advocates) as well as see historical information.”

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