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What to know about OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT

Washington Post: “A popular tool that can respond to questions in eerily human ways, called ChatGPT, has captured the internet’s attention as people use it write song lyrics, essays, TV episodes and more. Now, OpenAI, the company behind the chatbot, is rocketing into the mainstream. Microsoft is reportedly investing up to $10 billion in the company, hoping it can use ChatGPT to resuscitate its search engine, Bing, and improve products in its Microsoft Office suite. But OpenAI faces steep challenges, notably fixing its products’ glaring issues with accuracy, bias and harm. Here’s everything you need to know about OpenAI…”

See alsoDefinitive AI Market Snapshot: “Matt Shumer, the co-founder of Otherside AI, posted on Twitter “the definitive market map Twitter thread.” You can find the tweet at this link. Mr. Shumer and his colleagues developed HyperWrite AI which is “”the world’s most powerful AI writing assistant.” The format of the information in Twitter is helpful, but I prefer information in tabular form. Here is Mr. Shumer’s “map” presented with the company name and its url. Some companies appear in the tables more than one time. Also, where necessary I have added a url which some readers may find useful. I have used Mr. Shumer’s categories, clarifying where necessary. Other minor edits included are for readability.”

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