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What is Bing Chat? Here’s everything you need to know

ZDNet: “In early February, Microsoft unveiled a new version of its search engine Bing, with its standout feature being its AI chatbot that is powered by more advanced technology than ChatGPT, OpenAI’s GPT-4.  With Bing Chat, you can ask the AI chatbot questions and get detailed, human-like responses with footnotes that link back to the original sources. Since it’s connected to the internet, specifically Bing, it has the ability to provide you with up-to-date information, which is another capability that ChatGPT’s free version doesn’t boast.  The chatbot can help you with your creative desires, such as writing a poem, essay, or song, it can solve complex math or coding tasks, and it can even generate images from text by using Bing’s Image Creator within the same platform…Do you need a Microsoft account to access Bing’s AI chatbot? The guaranteed, straightforward way to access the full capabilities of Bing Chat is by signing in to your Microsoft account. However, if you don’t have a Microsoft account — and have no desire to create one soon — you are in luck.  On May 16, Michael Schechter, vice president of growth and distribution at Microsoft, shared via Twitter (now X) that Microsoft is rolling out unauthenticated chat access on Bing…However, there is a catch: non-authenticated user conversations are limited to five chat turns per session. If you like your limited experience with Bing Chat, you can easily make a Microsoft account and get full access to the chatbot with 20 chat turns per session instead of five.”

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