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What Happens When You Reply All to 22,000 State Workers

The New York Times: “Reply All, the scourge that has afflicted office workers everywhere, has hit 22,000 government employees in Utah, demonstrating that decades into the invention of email, many of us still don’t understand its etiquette. This is a public advisory: PLEASE DO NOT REPLY ALL. For at least 20 years now, emailers everywhere have received those pesky group messages, and for at least 20 years, they have tried to resist the allure of the Reply All button. They have often failed, with the first messagers asking to be removed from a list, the second group pointing out that the first group should really stop emailing everyone, and the third group deciding now was just the right moment to show off their wit. Why don’t we stop? This is the grand era of social media. All of us, it seems, just want to be heard…” [h/t Pete Weiss]

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