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‘Wayfinder’ Heals Nature Through Exploration & Crafted Poetry

Indie Games – “Wayfinder finds us wandering a dying land, finding words as we explore the wilderness that we can craft into poetry that revives this place. Nature doesn’t seem to be doing too well (which means that you probably won’t be healthy for long, either). You can set off to survey the land that remains, savoring its tranquility and taking it in to the soothing music and sounds of the bird calls as you wander. As you walk, you’ll stumble upon tokens that will inspire verses of poetry, the words coming to life in your footsteps. After you collect a few of these poems, you can bring them back to the game’s central location to help restore a vital tree that lies there. It makes for some lovely, if sobering, walks through a peaceful place. As you let yourself become more in tune with the words, which all capture these small moments in nature, your footsteps begin to heal the land as you walk. As you allow yourself to be more in tune with the beauty around you, and what its destruction means, your character starts to bring more positive forces into this world. The generated nature of the tokens and words doesn’t seem to take away from the power of the poetry as it forms, and it reinforces this connection between you and this place. It reminds that we need to stop and pay attention to the suffering of our world, and that we have to take steps to see it and heal it if we’re to have much of a future. Wayfinder is a peaceful, yet thoughtful experience in the connection of nature and humanity, and how we ignore this connection at our greatest peril…”

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