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Visualizing Firearm Mortality and Law Effects

Visualizing Firearm Mortality and Law EffectsAn Interactive Web-Based Tool by Andrew R. Morral, Terry L. Schell, Theo Jacobs, Rosanna Smart
“The RAND Corporation launched the Gun Policy in America initiative in January 2016 with the goal of creating objective, factual resources for policymakers and the public on the effects of gun laws. As part of this mission, the research team has investigated a variety of data sources that could help shed light on key questions about whether and how gun laws affect important public health and criminal justice outcomes. The Firearm Law Effects and Mortality Explorer is designed to provide users with information about the distribution of firearm deaths across states and demographic subgroups. In addition, it allows users to explore how those deaths might be affected by the implementation of a set of commonly enacted state firearm laws using estimates of those effects produced by the RAND research team. In the documentation that accompanies the tool, the research team describes the data sources used to produce the visualizations in the tool, the assumptions underlying the visualizations, and the statistical models that produce the law effect estimates the visualizations depict.”

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