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Use of Artificial Intelligennce in Criminal Cases

Agarwal, Srishti, Use of Artificial Intelligennce in Criminal Cases (October 21, 2023). International Review of Law and Technology Volume 2 Issue 2, Forthcoming, Available at SSRN: or  – “This research article deals with the use of AI in criminal cases. Artificial Intelligence is not a well defined term as everyone has their own idea or perception of what AI is. Most notably, it is the power of non human entity like computer to think and make decisions like a human. AI is a technological marvel .The researcher would like to opinion that on the face of it, AI might seem to be the boon – it reduces work load of police and gives faster results. While this is true to some extent, the negative notions of the same remain hidden to most of the people. Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another form of human rights violation, for Artificial Intelligence is neither bias free nor is it very safe when it comes to preserving the personal data of the people. The problem is aggravated with the absence of any data protection law in India as the bill which had been introduced in the Parliament has still not been debated and decided upon. In countries like United States and United Kingdom, the adverse impact of AI has been recorded as suspicion in cases of crimes is always raised on blacks or non white people. The researcher says that the issue of minority rights is evergreen in India and excessive and unprecedented use of AI shall add petrol to fire when the question of minority rights violation by AI will arise. It is to be noted that AI in criminal investigation is used sparingly in India as compared to US or UK and hence the ill impacts of the same have not been observed hereby. India can take cue from the wrongs of the other countries to improve its own system. This research article has covered all the aforesaid ideas and has also mentioned certain suggestions and developments in other countries regarding the role of Artificial Intelligence in criminal investigations.”

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