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USAGov’s Five Tips to Get Great Deals from Government Auctions and Sales “You may have heard that you can buy “stuff” from the government. But how does it work? Can you really get good deals? With these tips from USAGov, you can learn how to be a smart shopper at government auctions and sales and discover the surprising variety of things you can buy: Who sells government property? Many federal agencies, states, and even some local governments sell property that’s surplus or has been seized by law enforcement. For a variety of property types, try:

  • GSA Auctions, the government’s national electronic bidding site for buying federal assets, from common household items to specialized equipment and vehicles
  •, listing all the government’s property for sale, including real estate

What “stuff” can you buy? You can buy everyday items—chairs, desks, furniture, computers, and electronic equipment—that can go in your home or office. You can also buy hand tools, watches, and jewelry, as well as vehicles, including cars, trucks, boats, and even airplanes! If you’re interested in buying a house, the government offers foreclosed single family homes. But make sure you work with a real estate agent, broker, or servicing representative to make an offer or bid. You can also find commercial real estate and land for sale. This surplus property includes office buildings, warehouses, commercial facilities, and former post offices. If you still haven’t found something, you might consider buying seized properties from the IRS. Remember: Even though you can find considerable savings on government-owned property, everything sells at fair-market value…”

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