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Turn Off Gmail’s ‘Smart’ Features to Avoid Tracking

Lifehacker: “Google collects data on everything you do while using its products and services. Sometimes this data is sold to advertisers; sometimes it’s used to make it easier to use Google’s products. For example, Google uses data from Gmail, Chat, and Meet to make the entire Google user experience more convenient, like how it’ll learn how you type and suggest automated message replies that (hopefully) sound natural. However, some people don’t want their data tracked and stored, period, no matter what conveniences it brings. While there are already ways to change Gmail’s data collection behavior—more on that in a second—it will soon be easier to opt-out out of Google’s tracking thanks to two new Gmail settings rolling out in the coming weeks. First, users will now have the option to disable Gmail’s “Smart features” like Smart Compose, Smart Reply, and more. While these are handy, Google has to root through your Gmail, Meet, and Chat data for them to work…”

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