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Transcribe anything for free with this privacy-respecting AI tool

Fast Company: “…an AI tool that runs completely on a web page in your browser. It’s useful, too. There’s no account needed, and your data doesn’t leave your own device—so you don’t have to worry about privacy. It’s the kind of thing that demonstrates why so many companies want AI applications to run on our own phones and computers in the future. And it’s available for you to use right this minute, today—if you know where to look. Your personal (and private) AI transcriber. Once, audio transcription was done the hard way. Someone would have to listen to an audio file and type it into text. Now, there are so many great ways to turn the spoken word into text—including the free, open-source AI tool we’re about to go over. Named Whisper Web, this application actually downloads and runs OpenAI’s Whisper AI model in your browser while you’re viewing the web page. The work isn’t happening on some distant cloud server—it’s happening right on your computer or phone. You can try this out in about 10 seconds. Whether you have a recording of a meeting or you’d just like to speak into your microphone and turn whatever you say into text, it’s easy…”

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