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Thinking About AI

Albert Wenger – continuations – “I am writing this post to organize and share my thoughts about the extraordinary progress in artificial intelligence over the last years and especially the last few months (link to a lot of my prior writing). First, I want to come right out and say that anyone still dismissing what we are now seeing as a “parlor trick” or a “statistical parrot” is engaging in the most epic goal post moving ever. We are not talking a few extra yards here, the goal posts are not in the stadium anymore, they are in a far away city…Now we find ourselves confronted with the clear reality that our big brains are using only a fraction of their neurons for most language interactions. The word “most” is doing a lot of work here but bear with me. The biggest language models today are still a lot smaller than our brain but damn are they good at language. So the latest refuge of the goal post movers is the “but they don’t understand what the language means.” But is that really true?..”

See also Every – A Short History of Artificial Intelligence. Tracing the rise of the robot mind by Anna-Sofia Lesiv, March 28, 2023

See also WSJ – Artificial Intelligence Is Teaching Us New, Surprising Things About the Human Mind. Thought is ever-changing electrical patterns unconnected to individual neurons. Meta is working on a system to read your mind.

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