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These maps show exactly where we need to put solar panels, wind turbines, and EV chargers

Fast Company – “If more people are going to drive electric cars, we need many more EV charging stations. But where to put them? That analysis requires a lot of calculations: figuring out where the current chargers are stationed and where substations and electrical infrastructure is already built out, not to mention identifying which corridors receive the most road traffic. The Biden administration wants to prioritize building a public charging network that fills gaps in rural, disadvantaged locations, which means determining where those areas are as well.  Building new wind turbines requires a similar amalgamation of data: Where do turbines already exist? What is the mean annual wind speed in a certain region? Are there airports nearby that need to be avoided, or protected land like national parks? A new tool from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory puts all of that information—and more—on one map, essentially pinpointing where across the country clean energy infrastructure can be developed. Called the Geospatial Energy Mapper, or GEM, the interactive tool contains more than 190 different mapping layers, so a user can search areas for EV charging stations, solar power plants, and more…”

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