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These apps and websites use your data to train AI

Los Angeles Times – You’re probably using one right now. “…What kind of info are we comfortable forking over to the AIs, if any? Right now we are in the midst of a destabilizing moment. It’s alarming, yes, but it’s also an opportunity to renegotiate what we do and do not want to hand over to tech giants that have been gathering our personal data for decades now. But to make those sorts of decisions, first we have to know where we stand. What are the websites and apps we use every day doing with our data? Are they using it to train their AI systems? What can we do about it if so? A good rule of thumb, to begin with: If you are posting pictures or words to a public-facing platform or website, chances are that information is going to be scraped by a system crawling the internet gathering data for AI companies, and very likely used to train an AI model of one kind or another. If it hasn’t already…”

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