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These 200 global companies have top-rated climate strategies

Quartz: “…In its latest summary of company disclosures, published Dec. 7, CDP reported that in 2021, about 13,000 companies globally disclosed some form of climate data and strategy. That group represents 64% of global market capitalization, according to CDP. But just 1.5% of those—200 companies—scored an A. The list, included in full below, includes companies in just about every sector, from utilities to pharmaceuticals to banks, with representatives from every continent…To score an “A,” companies must have science-based net zero targets, disclose their emissions and have those audited by a third party, and provide proof of year-over-year progress on reducing emissions and increasing the use of renewable energy.

  • 13,000: Companies that disclosed some form of climate data and strategy in 2021
  • 64%: Global market capitalization represented by that group
  • 200: Companies that scored an A
  • 4,000: Companies—including Chevron, Exxon Mobil, and Volvo—that scored an F because they hadn’t disclosed climate data to CDP in spite of a request to do so.”

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