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There are 3 types of face recognition technology

Fast Company: “Face recognition technologies help identify and apprehend criminal suspects, enhance airport security, and streamline entrances to workplaces. As such, they’re some of the most useful and promising video surveillance applications available today. The technology will become even more widespread as advancements in cloud computing and AI continue to enhance its accuracy and usability. Despite its advantages, privacy concerns inevitably surround face recognition technology. In December, the City of Baltimore and the U.S. Senate initiated calls to restrict the use of the technology. To promote greater understanding and to address legitimate concerns, organizations need to be transparent and forthcoming about how they’re using the technology, be diligent about privacy protections, and meet “opt-in” requirements. The first step is to clear up confusion about the terminology. “Face recognition” is often used to describe different types of video surveillance face technology. There are three main types of face technology. We’ll explore how they’re used, and the importance of opt-in requirements for commercial use cases. Finally, we’ll take a look at the likelihood of restrictive legislation…”

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