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The thing women struggle with most at work isn’t sexism, it’s ageism

Quartz: “…per a survey conducted by The Riveter, a gender-equal coworking space now in seven cities across the US. According to the whitepaper published today, the organization, along with partners Xerox and YouGov, surveyed 1,550 women “across racial groups, professions and caregiving roles,” and followed up with about 100 interviews.

One key statistic: 58% of the women surveyed said that they thought their “identities and/or physical attributes impact their experiences at work,” according to the report. And out of all identity factors, age was the most popular answer among the women surveyed, playing a bigger a role than gender in the workplace. These findings build on a growing number of studies about the effect of ageism at work. Twenty-one percent of workers over 40 say they’ve faced age-related discrimination. Older workers have fewer job opportunities, are given less responsibility at work, and are sometimes even pushed out of their jobs. While some studies and surveys show that men and women are affected by ageism at similar rates, others show (pdf) that women are more affected by age discrimination…”

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