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The Rules for Going Outdoors During Coronavirus

Outside –  How to recreate responsibly and safely through the COVID-19 pandemic: ““This disease is hyper-infectious; we haven’t seen anything like it in recent history,” says Global First Ladies Alliance Cora Neumann, who is advising Montana state heath authorities on their handling of the COVID-19 crisis. “We need to flatten the curve,” she says. By slowing the rate of infections, we can avoid overwhelming our nation’s healthcare system. The slower the rate at which people become infected and are hospitalized, the lower the fatality rate will be. Doing that requires the participation of every American. Even if you don’t have symptoms, you can spread the disease to others.  That’s why we’re all being told to stay at home and stay at least six feet from other people if we must go out. The trouble is, staying indoors can get really boring, really fast. And, with layoffs and offices closures, many of us are choosing to spend time outdoors. That’s already leading to problems. Los Angeles just closed hiking trails and other outdoor areas due to overcrowding, and many National Parks are closing their gates for the same reason. Many areas of the country are also seeing local parks, beaches, and trails overwhelmed with visitors.  “Your behavior can saves lives,” Neumann emphasizes. Here’s her advice…”

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