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The One Video You Need to Watch From Last Night’s Capitol Riot Hearing

Gizmodo: “Last night [June 9, 2022], almost every major TV network devoted three hours to a congressional hearing by the January 6th Committee, which is investigating the attempted coup by Donald Trump and his supporters after the former president lost the election in 2020. But if you missed the broadcast, there’s only one video you need to watch. Because it’s the video everyone is talking about. You’ve obviously seen scattered clips here and there of the violence perpetrated by neo-fascist supporters of Trump on January 6, 2021. But no one has properly edited a video that sums up the entire sequence of events in a succinct manner that’s easy to understand. Until now, that is. The video is just 10 minutes long, but lays out the sequence of events on January 6th, from Trump’s rally in front of the White House and the moment he told his followers to march to the U.S. Capitol, to the violence that unfolded in a plot to overthrow the government. The Capitol building was, of course, where they were counting the votes to certify the 2020 election. And Trump knew exactly what he was doing by whipping up his supporters into a frenzy and then telling them to march down to where they were counting votes.  Once Trump’s followers get to the Capitol, all hell breaks lose. And by the time they make their way into the building—first beating police and then smashing windows—it’s clear that they’re ready to murder any elected leader in their way, Republican or Democrat. In fact, we see footage from inside Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s office, where his staff is seen fleeing in terror. And then there are the chants—about both Vice President Mike Pence, tasked with certifying the election, and about Democratic Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi, a stock-standard villain to the Fox News crowd…”

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