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The Nightmare of AI-Powered Gmail Has Arrived

New York Mag – The Intelligencer: “With the release of tools like DALL-E and ChatGPT, Google — once the presumptive industry leader in artificial-intelligence research — suddenly finds itself playing catch-up. The rise of OpenAI was reportedly a “code red” emergency at the company, which had quietly been working on, but not really releasing, similar tools for years. Now, quickly, Google is retrofitting its product line with AI. Last month, it demonstrated its take on a chatty version of its search engine. Yesterday, it shared more details about AI-assisted Gmail and Google Docs. In Gmail, there are tools that will attempt to compose entire emails or edit them for tone as well as tools for ingesting and summarizing long threads. In Docs, there are tools for generating text from simple prompts or other content. A lengthy email discussion is turned into a “brief” and then a slide deck, which is then illustrated with generated imagery…

Google has AI tools ttools for summarizing long emails and threads. Tools for shortening content. Tools for ingesting and filtering out the massive quantities of material generated in the world, by people or maybe machines, and synthesizing it into something useful, actionable, or just legible…”

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