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The Most Common Voting Scams—and How to Get Around Them

LifeHacker: “Voter suppression tactics are as old as the United States itself. Limited enfranchisement, poll taxes, gerrymandering and, more recently, voter ID restrictions and targeted polling site closures have all been used throughout our country’s history to deny the vote to targeted populations. Social media and concerted political action have made these voter scams more visible in recent years. Between misleading mailers and fishy phone calls, there’s a lot to look out for—not just to make sure you can vote, but to ensure your private information isn’t stolen in the process. That’s not to suggest voters should be deterred by worries about what they’ll encounter on election day—quite the contrary. “People should exercise their fundamental right to vote, they shouldn’t be intimidated either by the laws they’ve read about or by anyone or anything they encounter on the way to the polls,” says Julie Ebenstein, senior staff attorney with the ACLU Voting Rights Project. But you should know what’s being done to make voting harder and how to rectify it. Here are some of the impediments you may encounter to voting next week—and what to do about them…” [h/t Pete Weiss]

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