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The Furloughed Federal Employee’s Guide to the 2019 Shutdown in D.C.

Washington City Paper – Apply for unemployment, apply for utility assistance, exercise, clean your closets, volunteer, shout your anger into a phone. “City Paper launched this as a guide for furloughed federal employees, but it has become a resource for many more people—especially the thousands who earn their living in government-adjacent careers, like taxi and rideshare drivers, people who work at downtown eateries and hair salons, and of course, contact workers, like the security guards at Smithsonian museums. Whether you need utility assistance, a decent place to get internet all day, or a new daytime exercise routine, we aim to serve with this guide. We hope it’ll become obsolete soon, but if it doesn’t, we’ll update this page regularly with additional information…”
See also via : Washington City Paper – Workers Impacted by Government Shutdown Stretch Groceries, Cut Dining – “I tend to be more of a shut-in during shutdowns. I don’t want to go out and spend a nonexistent paycheck” and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton Pushes for Back Pay for Furloughed Federal Contract Workers – “Those workers include contracted security guards, janitors, and food and retail service employees.”

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