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The Fediverse Could Be Awesome (if we don’t screw it up)

EFF: “This post is part of a series on Mastodon and the fediverse. We also have a post on security and privacy on Mastodon, and more are on the way. You can follow EFF on Mastodon here. Something remarkable is happening. For the past two weeks, people have been leaving Twitter. Many others are reducing their reliance on it. Great numbers of ex-Twitter users and employees are making a new home in the “fediverse,” fleeing the chaos of Elon Musk’s takeover. This exodus includes prominent figures from civil society, tech law and policy, business and journalism.  It also represents a rare opportunity to make a better corner of the internet…if we don’t screw it up. The fediverse isn’t a single, gigantic social media platform like Facebook or Twitter. It’s an expanding ecosystem of interconnected social media sites and services that let people interact with each other no matter which one of these sites and services they have an account with.  That means that people can tailor and better control their experience of social media, and be less reliant on a monoculture sown by a handful of tech giants. Today’s most popular fediverse service is called Mastodon. Mastodon is a Twitter-like service anyone can host and alter to suit their needs. Each server (or “instance”) can experiment and build its own experience for users, and those users aren’t stuck using services they don’t like just because their contacts are on that service…”

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