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The COVID Tracking Project

State Data – For an overview of how our project works, please check About the Tracker. This page will dig into the specific data issues we’ve seen with various states, and document the data sources we’re using for each of them.”

This project is made by hand. We use technical tools to alert us to changes in the information states report, but all the information we publish has been collected and double-checked by humans. We prize accuracy over speed while also trying to keep the data fresh. We update the full dataset each day between 4pm and 5pm EDT and do additional updates throughout the day as new information arrives. Where do you get your data? All our information comes from state/district/territory public health authorities—or, occasionally, from trusted news reporting, official press conferences, or (very occasionally) tweets or Facebook updates from state public health authorities or governors. We cite all sources in the spreadsheet and discuss the dataset’s constantly fluctuating oddities in the annotations that accompany each state’s data on our site and in the spreadsheet…”

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